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Oriana Riddle Contact me Today! Contact me Today!
Do you run out of time, but not things to do? What if you had someone to be your own personal assistant part time on an as needed basis? A phone call away is all the help you'll need for a personal shopper or for your valet needs. I have a servant's heart and a lifetime of experience. I will coordinate the small things that get left undone at the wayside of your life. Want something more than what a taxi can offer? Given up on enjoying shopping trips? I'll accompany you inside and help you with your purchases at your speed. Shop at your leisure, take a break. Need to have someone to accompany you to the physician's office, to pick up your meds, pay the electric bill, and pick up a gift for your anniversary? I can do all these things. Perhaps you prefer valet services. I'll drop off your dry cleanables, your car for detailing or repair. How long has it been since “Fluffy” had her nails trimmed? Mom or Dad doing well at home but just need a ride from time to time? Just need a little dignity, time, and a patient helping hand? I can help with those needs too. Contact me Today and see how easy I can make your life. References supplied upon request!
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